The Elder: timeless shrub of our Gardens 🌸

Un bouquet de fleurs de sureau et de bergamote - histoire de la fleur de sureau

At Jardins, we love elderberry, this small shrub whose flowers form the basis of our alcohol-free aperitif Jardins Fleuris and the famous alcohol-free 'Hugo Spritz' 😍

We tell you a little more about its origins!

Elderberry is a plant that has been used since ancient times for its medicinal and culinary properties. Elderflower, in particular, has been used in many culinary preparations and in mixology to add a splash of flavor and color.

The history of elderflower in cooking dates back to Greek and Roman antiquity, where it was used to flavor dishes and drinks. The Romans consumed it in the form of elderberry-flavored wine, while the Greeks used it to prepare fragrant honey.

In the Middle Ages, elderflower was also used to make jams, jellies and refreshing drinks. It was also used to flavor meat and fish, as well as to prepare infusions and herbal teas.

Over the centuries, elderflower has become a popular ingredient in French and English cooking. It is found in many traditional recipes, such as the famous British elderberry pudding and French elderberry sorbet.

In mixology, elderflower has been used to create cocktails and liqueurs of various colors and flavors. It has been very popular in French and Italian mixology, where it has been used to create liqueurs like limoncello and sambuca. It is particularly appreciated for its delicate and subtle taste, and for its beautiful delicate color.

(Re-)Discover it in our alcohol-free aperitif, Jardins Fleuris, made with elderflower and bergamot. Or the floral notes blend perfectly with the white citrus notes πŸ‹

You can make non-alcoholic cocktails with floral notes like the non-alcoholic Hugo Spritz, perfect for anticipating spring 🌿

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