Once upon a time the Spritz - without alcohol 🍹

Un spritz sans alcool à l'orange amère et au romarin

The Spritz, a must-have cocktail at Jardins? We tell you his story 🌸

The spritz is a popular cocktail in Italy and other parts of Europe, which mainly consists of bitter aperitif (Aperol, Campari...), prosecco and sparkling water. The spritz is said to have historical origins dating back to the days of the Roman Empire, when Roman soldiers mixed wine with water to make it weaker and more refreshing.

The modern spritz as we know it today, however, has more recent origins. It originated in the 1800s in Veneto, Italy, where it was common to mix white wine with water and club soda to make it lighter and more refreshing.

Over the years, the spritz has gained popularity in Italy and has also been adopted in other countries in Europe, including Austria and Germany. Today, the spritz is considered to be one of the most popular cocktails in Italy and is often served as an aperitif before dinner. It is appreciated for its bitter and sweet taste which goes very well with the salty notes of the aperitif.

The spritz has also grown in popularity in Europe and other parts of the world, including the United States and Australia, thanks to its refreshing flavor and ease of preparation.

Today the spritz is available: classic bitter orange spritz, Ugo elderflower spritz... and many more to come!

At Jardins, we have selected the best ingredients to recreate alcohol-free aperitifs with real aromatic complexity and a nice length in the mouth - all with a low sugar content!

Discover our organic alcohol-free, low-sugar and French spritzes with Gardens:

  • Jardins Suspendus will allow you to taste a bitter and fruity spritz without alcohol, by adding only a little sparkling water or tonic 🍊
  • Jardins Fleuris will allow you to make delicious spritzs with floral notes 🌸

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