FAQ - Histoire

Why call ourselves Jardins?

Our recipes are inspired by the world of gardens and the things they contain. Jardins evokes the natural world, those magical, timeless places where we like to spend time alone or with friends!

Who are the creators of Jardins?

It all began with Alix and Henri's friendship and the sharing of their respective passions: gastronomy and plants! Always on the lookout for creative and unusual dishes, they realize that we talk a lot about eating well, but too rarely about drinking well. "As soon as it comes to accompanying a good dish, we quickly turn to alcoholic beverages, because the alternatives to alcohol are limited and not very elaborate" explains Alix.

So they decided to launch their own creations, inspired by the finesse and gustatory diversity of plants. And so Jardins was born!

What motivated them?

The desire to shake things up, to create a real alternative to alcohol, with a focus on taste, carefully selected natural ingredients and a low sugar content! "Creating alcohol-free aperitifs that we're proud to drink and share..." sums up Henri.